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How to Tell if There are Fleas in Carpet

Posted - 07/16/2012

Fleas in carpets can create great discomfort for household residents by constantly biting the delicate skin on the ankle area. Children and elderly people are especially prone to suffering from flea bites. Even homes without pets in residence can suffer an infestation of carpet fleas. Hot summer months are when fleas typically flourish. If you think that your carpet is harboring fleas, you should contact the Carlsbad Pest Control company for further assistance. Because fleas will never disappear on their own, professional assistance in exterminating them is recommended to homeowners who are experiencing flea infestations.

Telltale signs of fleas in the carpet include small red bites on the ankle and lower leg areas as well as sightings of the fleas themselves. They are small, quickly moving black creatures. Because fleas are hard-shelled, they are difficult to crush.

Keeping household pets clean as well as treating them regularly with anti-flea medication will help to keep carpet fleas down in the average home. Thorough vacuuming can also help, although fleas often quickly hop from area to area to avoid being caught by the vacuum cleaner. The removal of intense flea infestations almost always require the assistance of trained professionals.

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